V., What has been done in June 2022 and future plans

✨ What has been done in June 2022 and what are we planning to work on in July? ✨

🌴 Took part in the annual Demo Version festival on Steam 🌴 Participated in a joint stream of the game on the LittleBones309 channel, USA 🌴 Held the first stage of negotiations with the publisher from New York, TILT Games 🌴 Updated the game to version, the changelog:

🍕 The introduction of the mechanics of training in combat has been finished (added by popular request of players) 🍕 The number of unique soundtracks in the game has been increased to 15 🍕 Reduced loading time during transitions between locations (long downloads turned out to be caused by the ability to switch among 10 currently supported languages) 🍕 Added integration of the user’s nickname in Steam when entering a player’s name on the leaderboard 🍕 Implemented support for gestures to zoom in and move the screen on Android devices 🍕 Improved stability in builds for Linux and macOS 🍕 Many other small improvements and fix bugs

What we are doing now: 🚀 We have started implementing and testing parallax in locations 🚀 Work continues on updating the HUD 🚀 Started additional editing and improvement of texts and localizations in English, Russian and Chinese 🚀 Preparations are underway to promote the game in China’s social networks


Nirmita Demo v. for Windows 243 MB
Jun 24, 2022
Nirmita Demo v. for MacOS 265 MB
Jun 13, 2022
Nirmita Demo v. for Linux 267 MB
Jun 21, 2022
Nirmita.apk Demo v. for Android 321 MB
Jun 25, 2022

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