A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

«This is a game with real freedom of choice. But every decision has its price!»

We've integrated time management into the classic roleplay system to simulate realistic survival in a magical world. Adorable enemies, beautiful NPCs, crafting, home improvements and non-linear character progression will make the task of finding the Evil Wizard both challenging and fun!

«Survival RPG you can play with one hand»

(The game features classic RPG mechanics inspired by Fallout 2, Gothic and Morrowind as well as character interactions and plot twists reminiscent of Bioshock, Pathologic and Sherlock Holmes!)

«Nirmita is a place where imaginary foes become real friends»

Our Steam Page : Nirmita: The Fantasy Survival RPG on Steam 

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The narrator's way of storytelling has been inspired by Bard's Tale and Dungeons 3. Here's how he would describe the game

«The game takes place in the world of Nirmita. The Hero, who conveniently lost his memory after being transported from another dimension, learns the time in Nirmita has stopped. A wizard did it! An evil one, naturally. And now it's up to the Hero to find the villain! Local population will aid the Hero in this task as he evolves from a clueless caveman to a powerful warrior who... still lives in a cave. But an upgraded one! With a door and everything. And as the Hero traverses this thorny path he will have to decide who to trust. Because not everything here is what it seems...»

Game Features

  • 7 stats that level up as you use them. Crush your enemies with strength or dexterity, turn them into powerful allies with your charisma or use your intelligence to brew potions that will turn the tide of battle. Or even do all of that at once!
  • 25 skills taught by the local NPCs. You can specialise or be a jack of all trades.
  • Survival mechanics which require you to keep track of health, hunger and energy. Unlike some other survival games, this one is essentially turn-based, allowing you to carefully plan your next move or even the whole day! As a result, your survival depends not on luck or speed but rather your ability to plan ahead.
  • A turn-based combat system that requires you to adapt instead of using just one weapon to beat every enemy.
  • 6 bright and unique locations — caves and meadows, swamps and forests, mountains and lakes.
  • 5 beautiful female characters the player can interact with and motivate them to change into more and more charming outfits.
  • 70 (sic!) unique enemy types the player will have to face during his struggle for survival.
  • Defeated enemies can be tamed, allowing the player to use them in battles as well as enjoy some passive bonuses. Catch 'em all!
  • Dozens of weapons, potions, meals, pieces of furniture and other equipment to craft!
  • Home improvements that not only give the player more time to act each day but also visually enhance the cave!

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Our Linktree with Pitch Deck and Press Kit: https://linktr.ee/nirmitarpg

A 80 minute gameplay video for v. (no commentary):


Nirmita Demo v. for Windows 243 MB
Nirmita Demo v. for MacOS 265 MB
Nirmita Demo v. for Linux 267 MB
Nirmita.apk Demo v. for Android 321 MB

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