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Open world for free exploring, varius methods of walkthrough, different actions, tactics and strategies, hardcore in slowly growing way, many misteries and grand discoveries, cute pets, large amount of humor, pretty NPC`s, and many other interesting things will meet you in a whole new Universe - Nirmita.

Подробное описание и презентация на русском языке

The story goes in a peculiar magical world - Nirmita - where player is able to communicate with not only locals (all representatives of  which are female for some reason), but also with animals, objects of an environment, and even the details of interface. The player begins his journey in a small empty cave, remembering nothing and not knowing how to do even the simpliest things. But by communicating with the environment, getting food and materials, creating tools and clothing, making interior details and building structures, he will learn a lot and evolve into a real hero, a small grotto will turn into a cozy cave, build up a comfortable cottage or even a castle. Then he will be ready to meet the main villain who has put a curse on Nirmita face to face, and also to solve a secret of an origin of this magic world!

Game features (for full game version + DLC`s): 

  • 7 characteristics, level of which can be chosen and further be improved depending on the choice of actions performed - You can progress along the path of strength or dexterity, be tough tanky guy, rely on your charisma, be a powerful magician... or all of it at the same time!
  • More than 25 skills, studied by training from the characters, will allow You to choose what to specialize in, or be a Jack of all trades.
  • Hardcore survival, due to the need of monitoring the level of hunger, energy, item`s limitiation and protection level of the character. Waking time for each day is limited, and You will need to learn how to plan in advance what actions will not allow You to die of hunger in the morning. 
  • Exciting combat system that stimulates the use of various weapons and methods of attack of an enemies.
  • More than 5 different locations: lakes and mountains, forests and fields, swamps and caves...
  • More than 5 female characters who are eager to teach worthy Hero many skills, in exchange for new, more revealing outfits.
  • Hundreds types of enemies, which player have to fight in the struggle for survival and the ability to research the world even further.
  • Defeated creatures can be released, tamed or killed, and once killed they can be revived as zombies, and fight on the player' side.
  • Many types of weapons, magic skills, potions, cooking recipies, home improvements and armors, due to extensive crafting system.
  • Improvements to the base, adding decor and comfort, and affecting the ability of the player to rest faster and therefore stay awake longer.

If You are daring enough to walk it through and reach the real victory - welcome, our new Hero!

This  game was inspired in plenty different aspects with Fallout 2, Morrowind, Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Kyrandia, Witcher, Tension, Bioshock, Sims, Ragnarok, Bard`s Tale, Slay the Spire, Dungeons, Chess, old text quests, dozen mobile games, and hundrets other games plus the real life`s mechanics, ideas, psychology and philosophy aswell :) We carefully analyze all of them, find the best parts in each and thorougly implement them to organic whole new product :)

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Feel free to leave any comments, feedback, suggestions, report bugs, improve translations or give us a hand in any other directions You want!

Video of 30m of gameplay v. in English (no commentary):

Прохождение нашей игры летсплеером на русском языке с комментариями:

Additional video of 30m of gameplay v. in English (no commentary):


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